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Hi There! We are the Strings & Reeds Ceilidhs Band,
a caller, Mike,
two accordionists, Brian and Phil,
and a fiddle player, Clare.

All the dances we do are for fun, we don’t do miserable!

We have been together as a band for over 30 years and can do ceilidhs and barn dances for the young, the not so young, beginners and experienced dancers.

Mike Tissington

Mike Tissington

Band Caller

(Visit Mike’s Bare Bones band website)
Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell

Button Key Accordion

Philip Croft

Phil Croft

Piano Accordion

(Visit Phil’s website)
Clare Campbell

Clare Campbell


(Request violin lessons with Clare)

You don’t need to know how to do the dances, Mike will explain all the moves, and going wrong can be half the fun. Mike has a radio microphone so he can demonstrate the dance and help anyone in trouble (click here to watch some videos, and start dancing :).

We do the dances of England, Scotland, Ireland and America, as well as ballroom dances, quicksteps, waltzes, veletas and Gay Gordons, and we can include any of your favourite tunes or dances.

We have been booked for weddings, Scottish weddings, P.T.As, Church groups, Burn’s nights birthdays, anniversaries and even a christening.

Places we have recently played include the following ones (browse the slides or see more at Venues and Testimonials page).

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